Ancestral Travel

Ancestral Travel .

Ancestral Travel

Visit the land of your ancestors

Visit the towns and villages where your ancestors lived, the churches in which they prayed, the countryside they would have walked and the pictures of their lives and the reasons for leaving their homeland will become brighter.

A visit that goes beyond the obvious tourist destinations

We can fully customise an ancestral tour based on your family’s history. Following or retracing the footsteps of your ancestors is very much a personal journey so no two journeys can be the same!

Emigration HistoryFamily historyCroatian Names
Emigration History
Croats emigrating
Where did they emigrate to
Why did they leave their homes
How did they arrive to their destinations
The Shipping companies
Which ports did they sail from
Living conditions on ships


Seaching your Croatian roots

Although we are only a travel agency and do not do genealogical research we could help you in gettingsome information
on your family history.

Send us the details you already have : Names, place of birth, time of emigration and we can see what info
we can dig out for you in the villages your ancestors came from.

In any case a visit to the place it all started will not only enhance your experience and thoughts on your family roots but also change the way you percieve you ancestors.

Croatian Names
Origin of surnames
The Council of Trent
Writing Croatian Surnames
Some dalmatian names

Visit your ancestors villages but also learn more about Croatian history and cultural heritage, listen to the language your ancestors spoke, and even learn the basic phrases, hear the songs they used to sing, feel the climate they lived in , learn about the customs they left behind, try the food they used to eat… fully experience your homeland and you will come to understand it and be proud of your roots!

T.S. Eliot wrote: “The point of any journey is to find out where you came from.”